In Great Britain, they regretted the purchase of American anti-submarine aircraft due to the inability to find Russian submarines

Russian submarines turned out to be invisible to the Boeing P-8A Poseidon planes purchased by Great Britain.

In the UK, they are unhappy with the purchase of American Boeing P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft due to the fact that the capabilities of these aircraft were not enough to track Russian submarines, both nuclear and diesel-electric. Taking into account the fact that in the coming years Russian submarines will be armed with the Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles, this threatens London with very big problems.

“It seems that the UK is extremely unhappy with the Poseidon anti-submarine patrol reconnaissance aircraft purchased from the United States. As it turned out, Russia again deceived London, since the Russian submarines, which so far carry Kalibr cruise missiles, but will begin to arm themselves with the Zircon hypersonic weapons in the future, cannot be traced. ", - the publication "Sina" informs.

As an example, the journalists of the publication cite the current situation in the Mediterranean Sea, where they have been trying in vain to find a Russian submarine for a week, while the latter's capabilities are enough to destroy most of the ships of the US Navy aircraft carrier strike group, which is currently located off the coast of Italy.

In total, the UK is armed with 9 Boeing P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft, however, given the uselessness of the latter, London may soon sell them to other countries.

Just start a war! And there everyone will help both NATO and AMERICA

Ready to accept as humanitarian aid, Eng. pilots, come to us, in Russia there is heat, gas, electricity, food, toilet paper, we will be glad to see you! What do you do in foggy Albion, without electricity, gas, toilet paper? Come to us, we will provide you with shelter and the benefits of civilization!

Let them rejoice that they have such aircraft, good enough, and if they are controlled by those who have hands in the wrong place, there is nothing to be done.

Pay attention, the British are silent, the Chinese are unhappy for them.