In the UK, they told how they scared the Russian military off the coast of Crimea

The UK did not see a threat from Russia during the incident off the coast of Crimea.

Despite the fact that, according to the Russian defense department, a series of shots was fired at the British warship HMS Defender, and Russian front-line Su-24 bombers dropped at least 4 high-explosive fragmentation bombs along the route of the destroyer, the UK said that they did not see anything in the actions of the Russian military that could frighten the crew of a warship, and rather the British destroyer frightened Russia more.

According to the British newspaper Daily Star, the incident in the Black Sea differed only in that Russia used its aircraft and ships, however, in London, a real threat from Russia was ruled out.

The British media emphasize that the Russian patrol ships were unable to catch up with the missile destroyer, while firing from their side was not noticed, as well as the warning strikes of Russian front-line bombers were not noticed.

Previously, footage of warning shooting at a British warship was indeed published, however, as analysts emphasize, due to the long distance, even if the shooting were to kill, it would not cause real damage to the British ship. However, quite a few questions remain about how the Russian escort ships could have missed the destroyer.

Next time we will check whether the destroyer will be damaged by shooting and bombs or not! It will take a long time to swim to the shore!