In Great Britain, Russian Su-30s were called flying "junk"

In Great Britain, Russian Su-30s were compared to flying "junk".

A series of incidents in the Black Sea, in which Russian Su-30SM fighters took part, as well as the interception of the American Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft over the Black and Mediterranean Seas, was also "evaluated" by British specialists. Due to the fact that Russian fighters were able to demonstrate their superiority, the UK got angry with the Russian Aerospace Forces and called Russian combat aircraft, which are, by the way, one of the most maneuverable in the world, flying "junk".

According to experts, such an assessment by the British of the capabilities of the Russian Su-30SM fighters is due to the fact that these combat aircraft managed to successfully intercept F-35 fighters several times, prevent the invasion of the British destroyer Defender into Russian territorial waters and create problems for NATO aviation.

“Only a person who is completely incompetent in these matters can call the Russian Su-30SM a“ flying wreck ”. It is obvious that Great Britain simply did not like the complete superiority of Russian aircraft and with such statements the Russian Aerospace Forces simply decided to take revenge ", - the expert marks.

A little earlier in London, they announced that they were ready to shoot down Russian planes in the event of a threat to the British destroyer.

The old English lion not only got sick, but also began to fall out of the teeth from old age. He shows them someone thinks that he is threatening, and he asks the dentist to pull them out.

what does intercept mean? fly nearby and shout into a megaphone?))) Well, thank God at least the airplanes were able to catch up with the British ship and their engines did not smoke.

It's just envy and fear !!! England has long turned into an old and grumpy old woman! Nobody pays attention to her anymore and doesn't bet !!!

This is understandable. The British decided to ride a modern tea clipper along the country - a gas station. They stand for themselves - all in white on the bridge and on the deck. And, here are Russian crackers - Su-30! Well, the poor British had to urgently change diapers. Hence the moral: Don't poke your nose at Russians without diapers.

The British are very cynical people ... and if their ship was threatened with real danger, they would not have substituted ... and the answer of the Russian Federation ... we saw the example of Turkey ... yes and Israel ... also noted ... how many words and shaking fists ...So what...

They have a right. They passed by the Crimea and they got nothing for it.

For that, the F-35 is a flying subsonic rusty bucket!

Stop. I didn't understand something. So they were ready to shoot down, or was there nothing, and the Russians were conducting their exercises somewhere far away? And tomorrow they will say that the defender has been under repair for half a year already?



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