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In Great Britain, they ridiculed the interception of their destroyer in the Black Sea - the Russian Su-30SM was not even armed

The Russian Su-30, which intercepted a British warship in the Black Sea, was unarmed.

A photograph of a Russian front-line bomber Su-24 and a Su-30SM fighter, published by the British Department of Defense, which prevented the entry of a British warship into Russian territorial waters, is actively discussed on the Web. In particular, the attention of users was attracted by the fact that the Russian Su-30SM fighter could not even do anything against the destroyer - it had no weapons.

In the presented photo, you can really see that under the wings of the Su-30SM fighter is really no weapons. In this regard, quite a few questions arose regarding the purpose for which the Russian combat aircraft was raised into the sky. Moreover, the front-line bomber Su-24M also lacks any weapons (only fuel suspended tanks are visible). At the same time, taking into account the earlier statement of the Russian defense department, the lack of weapons may be due to the fact that the bomber has already dropped four high-explosive fragmentation bombs, although in London they officially denied the strikes of the Russian Su-24M.

It should be noted that due to the incident, Russia sent additional anti-submarine long-range aircraft to the region, which may well be used against intruder ships in the event of a repeat of the situation.

I think the photo is just not from there. Why would the SU-24 have suspended tanks if it flew from Crimea just to the border of territorial waters?

there are a lot of gross errors in Vlad's text, due to which the respect and attention to the author's opinion is sharply reduced

The one who laughs last laughs)

Made fun of? What then, as dogs, fled with their tail between their legs, if the plane was not armed? If the British are so afraid of our unarmed aircraft, what will happen if he is armed? Great warriors will put in your pants?)))

Since the Second World War, there is no more terrible predator for a ship than an airplane. Well, in modern realities, there is also a rocket. In this regard, nothing has changed since then. In such a small water area as the Black Sea, their ships in order not to be sunk by any support from the ground in the form of aviation and missile systems with children will be needed. in fact, to prepare all this in countries bordering the Black Sea, and it will be possible to assume an imminent war. or for a long time the infrastructure for war for no reason will not be kept by anyone.

Well, there is not a single bombing video.

What nonsense, the plane dropped 2 shells in the direction of the destroyer's movement and he retreated. Even the recording was shown.

Electronic warfare container is a radio suppression system, equipment inside the container. And the fuel tanks. They have fuel inside. And outwardly, fuel tanks are 5 times larger than an electronic warfare container.

There is a single-barreled cannon of 30mm caliber and 150 rounds for it.

Quote: "... the Su-30SM could not even do anything against the destroyer ..."
If the UK Department of Defense has such a conviction, then it is a pity for their personnel ....
The fact that the SU 30 CM was planning a warning, and not an attack in London, does not understand, because the presence of weapons on board could scare the sailors and they would open fire on our aircraft and, as a result, they would have to sink the ship.
It was an act of goodwill for Russia.
In an extreme case, in the Black Sea, ANY Ship is destroyed Guaranteed from the coast (this is the Aquatoria there)

Well, climb in again and laugh.

And how does a container with electronic warfare differ from an outboard fuel tank?

There is also a six-barreled 23mm cannon and 500 rounds for it. If you wish, you can use them up in the wheelhouse or in the propeller-steering group.

Well, if they even scrambled from an unarmed one, then what will happen if they see an armed one? Will they sink themselves at once?

And the other 19 planes were also unarmed? After all, an Air Force reporter said that 20 Russian Aerospace Forces planes were circling over them?

Several days have passed, and the noise is as if there really was an armed conflict.

Putin is the best pilot on the Su-27 :)

Most likely, only 4 FAB-250M-62 or lighter FAB-250M-54, cannon armament and NURSs were suspended to increase the range or duration of the flight (2 outboard fuel tanks are clearly visible). It is not known how the Defender would have behaved after the warning bombing.

They simply do not know how Russian pilots, sailors, and soldiers act when they do not have a cartridge and shells, but the enemy is in front of them!

The Su-24 has no bomb bay. Don't make people laugh. Teach materiel

This is a fighter and a bomber

Cook su24 also drove without missiles, now he was with missiles, next time he will capture thirty missiles, the main thing is that the "partners" do not forget the fire-retardant diapers, otherwise they may also be the 57th.

For 10 years he served in Berdyansk as a senior aviation mechanic on the Su-24, and I learned from you that this aircraft also has internal suspensions ... Thank you for prompting ... We whinnied with all the fellow soldiers ...

And since when did the Su-24 have a bomb bay? Get pregnant?

The fighter just covers the bomber - apparently now a common practice after the Syrian experience. A bomber, apparently, is quite enough to simply indicate his presence, if something "unexpected" arrives anyway, and it is better not to indulge.

Guest, if you do not understand aviation, there is nothing to mislead the people. The Su-24M does not have a bomb bay, and its weapons: bombs, missiles, SPPU are hung exclusively on external suspensions.

but definitely there is everything except bombing, maybe the glass is half empty

Do they dream of being bombed? They were simply warned.

Why weapons? The plane will simply fly overhead, and the power on the ship will be cut off. And the next day, the entire crew will leave the ship in panic.

The Su30 was unarmed, and the diapers had to be changed.

The bombs were dropped by the Su 24, and they could have been inside the bomb bay, and not on the external sling!

the local Censorship won't let me through, but still,
Where is the bombing footage ???

All 20 planes that an Air Force worker saw?

Of course not armed, otherwise the families of Russian officials will have to return to their homeland.

So the Limes themselves said that "a whole cloud of planes - about 20 pieces flew there! So not all were armed ...