In the UK, they said they would not send their troops to Ukraine, even in the event of a Russian invasion

The British Defense Secretary said that Kiev cannot count on the help of the British army.

The head of the British Ministry of Defense, Ben Wallace, said that the Ukrainian forces cannot count on the provision of direct assistance from the British military. According to Wallace, Kiev has already been repeatedly informed that British troops will not be sent to Ukraine, including in the event of the start of full-scale hostilities with Russia, since Ukraine is not a NATO member.

"It is a fact that she [Ukraine] is not a NATO member, so it is unlikely that someone is going to send troops to Ukraine to challenge Russia ... We must not cheat people on this, as we do." Previously, Wallace was ambivalent about military intervention, saying only that we can use "defensive potential" against Putin. Britain followed America's lead. Two weeks ago, President Biden said that the issue of sending US troops to defend Ukraine "is not being discussed.", - quotes the words of the British Secretary of Defense edition "The Spectator".

Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the fact that Great Britain has already transferred about 150 of its troops to Ukraine, as previously reported. This raises a number of questions about Wallace's claim.

That's right, Russia and Ukraine will figure it out on their own! There is nothing for strangers to do there.

150 military is about nothing.
it is "someone" or "something" to evacuate ...