Venezuela votes to annex Essequibo territory

A referendum has ended in Venezuela, during which citizens of the country spoke out regarding the status of the Essequibo territory. According to data after processing about 11 million votes, the vast majority of Venezuelans supported the idea of ​​Essequibo's territorial affiliation with Venezuela.

It is worth noting that Essequibo is currently under the control of Guyana and occupies about two-thirds of the territory of this country. The region has significant hydrocarbon reserves, surpassing, according to some estimates, the oil potential of the UAE and Kuwait.

Guyana views the referendum as a step towards annexing the territory and has previously asked the International Court of Justice to intervene and prevent the plebiscite. However, the International Court of Justice did not actually respond to this appeal.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, after announcing the preliminary results, called the referendum results a complete success of democracy and a victory for Venezuela. At the same time, official Caracas did not announce specific actions that would be taken in response to the expressed opinions of citizens about the status of Essequibo.

Experts suggest that Venezuela may take further steps, including sending troops to Essequibo, which could lead to a military conflict in South America. The possibility of intervention from proxy structures or even the United States cannot be ruled out.


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