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In Voronezh they denied information about the shooting of a military pilot

On Saturday, December 9, information appeared in some telegram channels about the possible injury by an unknown person of a military pilot in Voronezh, known under the call sign “Bes.” According to this information, the pilot allegedly blocked three children during the shooting and was seriously injured. However, this information was quickly refuted by official sources.

The press service of the regional government of Voronezh reported that such incidents did not occur in the city.

“According to the operational services and law enforcement agencies of the region, no such incidents have been recorded in Voronezh recently”- said in the message.

An additional refutation came from the telegram channel “War on Fakes. Voronezh,” which also confirmed the absence of any official confirmation of such an incident, including eyewitness statements, photos or video materials.

“It is not possible to find a single confirmation in official sources or eyewitness statements, as well as any photo and video materials from the alleged scene of the incident. The publication does not correspond to reality, the press service of the regional government reported. Operational services and law enforcement agencies in the region also did not confirm the information.”- said in the message.

In light of the dissemination of false information, it is possible that this event will become the subject of verification by the competent authorities. The reasons and purposes for the dissemination of such data remain unknown.


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