In Voronezh there was a fire at a large industrial enterprise


A fire broke out at a large industrial enterprise in Voronezh

A major fire occurred in Voronezh. According to preliminary information, the fire area is about 3000 square meters. It is reported that the fire quickly engulfed almost the entire production workshop. According to Baza journalists, a fire was recorded on the territory of the Enikmash-V machine-building plant, while RIA Novosti journalists reported that a fire was recorded on the territory of the Electromechanical Plant (ELMASH), located nearby.

At the moment, the reasons that led to the fire have not been established. Fire crews are actively working at the scene, making every effort to localize and extinguish the fire. It is anticipated that complete extinguishment of the fire may require a significant amount of time and resources due to the extensive area involved in the fire.

The city authorities and the plant management have taken control of the situation and are taking urgent measures to ensure the safety of workers and minimize damage from the fire.

The causes of the fire remain unknown at this time.



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