Helicopter crash


Helicopter crashes in Yakutia

A helicopter crashed in Yakutia.

In the Oymyakon ulus of Yakutia, the Eurocopter helicopter owned by a private mining company crashed. On board the aircraft were three people, including one pilot and two passengers.

“On Sunday, the GU EMERCOM of Russia for Yakutia received information that the pilot of the“ Eurocopter ”helicopter, flying on the territory of the Oymyakon and Tompon regions, is not communicating. On board was a pilot and two passengers. The emergency lighthouse was not triggered, while driving along the route, towards the mouth of the Utochan stream in the Oymyakon district, the pilot stopped communicating, - the press service of the General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia in the republic.

At the moment, information with a helicopter crash has not received confirmation, however, the fact that the aircraft has not arrived at its destination, and the crew is not communicating, is likely indicative of a plane crash.

At the moment, the company-owner does not give any official comments on this subject, while it is reported that the incident occurred two days ago.

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