In Japan, a drone giving away candy crashed into a crowd of people

In Japan, the candy-giving drone hit a crowd of people.

According to the news agency Avia.pro, in the Japanese prefecture of Gifu (Honshu Island - ed.), During one of the events, the organizers used a special drone, which distributed sweets to everyone, however, at some point , the software part of the unmanned aerial vehicle crashed, and the 4-kilo device crashed into a crowd of people, as a result of which the 6 people were seriously injured.

According to preliminary data, local residents aged from 5 to 48 have received injuries and injuries, moreover, if three people got off with minor injuries (bruises and scratches), three more people came to hospital with fractures and dissections of the outer integument.

Experts are already working at the scene of the tragedy, who will have to find out all the circumstances of this incident.

It is reported that initially it was supposed to use a larger model of an unmanned aircraft, which, given the fact that the event was about 600 people, could lead to much more serious consequences.