Missile strike


Japan proposed starting a nuclear war with Russia over the four Kuril Islands

Japan declared its readiness to use nuclear weapons against Russia.

Despite the fact that Japan cannot possess offensive weapons due to the corresponding clause in the Constitution of this country, against the background of the desire to take away four islands of the Kuril ridge from Russia, Japan proposed to start using nuclear weapons against Russia. Such a harsh statement, which was made by the Japanese mass media, analysts assess as a direct threat and a military challenge to Russia.

Japanese netizens were outraged by the opening ceremony of the emergency rescue center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, which took place on August 5 on the Kuril island of Kunashir.

"There is no need to hope for the return of the islands. We must stop cooperating in a friendly manner," IKS wrote.

"Abe's diplomacy towards Russia was one of the biggest failures of post-war policy," dda said.

"Nothing can be done about the fact that the South Kurils are under Russian control," sah notes.

"There is no chance that the islands will return until Russia is destroyed by a natural disaster," deu said.

"If Japan really wants to return the islands, it needs nuclear weapons," Asa said.

, - about it сообщает RIA Novosti news agency.

Experts draw attention to the fact that Japan obviously does not understand that even if Tokyo has nuclear weapons, it is impossible to compete with Russia.

“Less than a century has passed since the nuclear bombing of Japan, but the Japanese have apparently forgotten what it is, declaring nuclear war on Russia. Such openly stupid statements can only intensify the confrontation between the two countries, and if Moscow decides such actions of Japan as threatening, then Tokyo will have huge problems that Japan does not even think about. ", - the expert marks.

Let's not forget that under the terms of the USSR's entry into the war against Japan, the Americans owe us Hokkaido. We can pick it up ourselves - following the results of the Second World War. And the Japanese did not conclude peace with us, so all agreements with the United States are in force, and the Japanese have nothing to do with the occupation of Hokkaido so far!



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