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Japan announced the discovery of the launch of all Russian hypersonic missiles

Japan can record the launches of all Russian hypersonic missiles.

In Japan, they announced that they were tracking the launches of all Russian hypersonic missiles, which suggests that in the near future the Japanese military may well develop a methodology that allows them to deal with aerodynamic targets moving at a speed of more than 6 MAX.

“The Japanese news agency Kyodo News Agency reported on August 13 that on the 12th, a relevant Japanese government official emphasized that the Japanese government would be exploring the use of small satellite constellations to improve the detection and tracking capabilities of missiles flying towards Japan. The message emphasizes that the move is aimed at combating hypersonic gliding weapons developed by China and Russia. Japan has received a request from the United States to participate in the satellite constellation program and intends to cooperate. The satellite constellation consists of several small satellites located in the same orbit near the Earth and can work in concert. The message mentions that the United States is advancing plans to launch hundreds of small satellites. ", - about it сообщает "Sina."

Experts, in turn, note that such means of control may turn out to be ineffective, since at such a high flight speed, not a single antimissile can hit the target with the required accuracy.

"Most of the air defense systems existing in the world are unlikely to be able to repel the strike of even a supersonic missile, however, when it comes to hypersonic maneuvering units, there is no chance against them at all", - the expert marks.