A clash occurred between Chinese and Philippine ships in the South China Sea

A skirmish occurred between a Chinese coast guard ship and Philippine vessels in the South China Sea. A Chinese vessel used water cannons against Filipinos who were delivering food to the Sierra Madre, a ship used as a garrison by the Philippines. The incident has caused concern in the Philippines, which considers China's actions an aggression, while China claims that almost the entire sea area belongs to them and violates their territorial rights.

The situation in the region is heating up due to recent political changes in the Philippines. With the coming to power of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who takes a pro-American position, relations between the Philippines and the United States have strengthened. The United States has gained access to more military bases in the Philippines, while the Philippines has rejected Chinese investments in a number of infrastructure projects and increased joint exercises with the US military.

The actions of the Chinese coast guard, despite the Philippines' claims of aggression, are not subject to the terms of the US-Philippines mutual defense treaty, which provides for US intervention in the event of military aggression against the Philippines. Despite repeated incidents of Chinese use of water cannons against Philippine vessels, the US has not taken active action in response to these incidents. This development further highlights the growing tensions in the South China Sea and increased political activity in the region.


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