In South Korea, crashed Helitack

In South Korea, crashed helicopter fire.

As a result of the tragedy killed one person on board, while, according to the information and news Avia.pro agency, the incident is related to the refusal of an aircraft control system, however, the exact reasons and circumstances can be found out only after an appropriate investigation.

The tragedy occurred at about 290 kilometers from the South Korean capital, Seoul, in this case, whether to perform a special helicopter mission related to firefighting, or else carried out an ordinary flight, yet remains unknown.

It is reported that on board the aircraft were two pilots, however, about the fate of the second man, yet no information.

Helicopter Fire Department of the Republic of Korea, made an emergency landing today in the east. It happened during the fire extinguishing mountain: helicopter snagged a high voltage wire transmission line. As a result, PE killed one person - the worker, who was on board. Two more pilot was moderately wounded, they are hospitalized (Yandex. News).



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