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American planes spotted in a zone closed by Russian air defense for flights

American military aircraft were closed in Russia for flying airspace.

Despite the emergence of information that Russian air defense systems are blocking airspace over the northern part of Syria, several hours ago, American military aircraft were spotted in the area. According to various sources, we can talk about both combat aircraft and military transport aircraft, but the violation of closed airspace is a serious challenge to Russian air defense systems.

A day earlier, at around midnight, approximately 20-30 kilometers from Manbij, American fighters were spotted. The latter did not show any threat, however, flights in a closed air zone could become provocative for Russian air defense systems, moreover, according to some reports, Russian missiles are put on full alert and can attack air targets without warning.

On the eve of the day, military transport aircraft were seen in this area, however, according to experts, the United States and Russia reached an agreement on this.

“At the moment, Washington is evacuating its military from Syria. Obviously, this is not a violation, since in this case, Russian combat aircraft would probably prevent such behavior. It’s logical to assume that the US Air Force fighters covered the retreat of the US military ”, - the analyst notes.