Combat helicopter shot down in Zaporozhye

A combat helicopter was shot down from a MANPADS in the Zaporozhye region.

A combat rotorcraft of an unidentified type and unidentified affiliation was escorting two Mi-8 \ Mi-17 helicopters, however, at some point it was hit by a portable anti-aircraft missile system. Judging by the explosion that thundered at the crash site, the crew of the helicopter failed to survive, however, there are no official statements in this regard so far.

In video footage taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see the moment of the crash of an already downed helicopter, as evidenced by the smoke trailing behind the rotorcraft. However, even despite shooting from a close distance, it has not yet been possible to identify the type of helicopter, however, as well as its belonging, since the fact where exactly the aircraft fell is still unknown.

Among other things, in the video filmed by an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see how the combat set of the aircraft is detonated at the crash site of the helicopter - according to a number of assumptions, we can talk about both the detonation of infrared countermeasures and the detonation of unguided rockets with which the helicopter was armed.

The fate of the other two helicopters that were escorted is still unknown.



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