In the Zaporozhye region, a local resident staged lynching of the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A resident of the Zaporozhye region staged lynching of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

One Ukrainian soldier was killed, and three more were seriously injured, as a result of a lynching organized by a local resident over a unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As it became known, a resident of the Zaporozhye region opened fire from a machine gun when a group of servicemen tried to beat him up.

According to the chairman of the movement “We are with Russia” Vladimir Rogov, the incident occurred on the territory of the settlement. Gulyaipole. A group of Ukrainian servicemen tried to beat up a local resident, however, the latter managed to take possession of a machine gun, from which he opened fire on the Ukrainian military.

The Ukrainian side is trying to present the incident solely as a domestic conflict, because otherwise, the situation may turn into serious problems for the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with local residents. However, apparently, information about the incident leaked to the public.

It should be noted that this case is far from the only one. In particular, it was previously reported that one of the residents of Ukraine blew up Ukrainian servicemen with a grenade when the latter tried to confiscate his personal belongings.


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