A Mi-35 helicopter was shot down during an attack attempt in the Northern Military District zone

In the Artemovsk direction, Russian air defense systems successfully countered an attack by Ukrainian military helicopters, one of which was recently transferred by the Czech Republic to Ukraine. As a result of air defense actions, one of the Mi-35 helicopters was destroyed, while its partner managed to avoid defeat and leave the combat zone. Information about the event spread through various sources, confirming active hostilities in the region.

Ukrainian troops are also reported to continue to use covert artillery attacks in an attempt to target Russian positions from the outskirts of populated areas, increasing the risk to civilians.

According to reports, artillery attacks were recorded on the territory of Nikolaevka, aimed at artillery positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). As a result of one of these attacks, one towed artillery system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was completely destroyed, and a self-propelled artillery unit (SPG) was damaged, but was able to withdraw from the battlefield under its own power.


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