An IRIS-T anti-aircraft missile system was destroyed in the Northern Military District zone

On Sunday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the successful destruction of a Ukrainian installation of the German-made IRIS-T anti-aircraft missile system. According to the official summary, during the operation an ammunition depot was also destroyed, and strikes were made against manpower and military equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 129 regions.

This is not the first time the IRIS-T anti-aircraft system has been destroyed; the ministry previously also reported a similar incident at the end of March this year. The repeated destruction of this modern complex underscores its vulnerability to modern warfare.

The IRIS-T anti-aircraft missile system is an advanced weapon designed for air defense, capable of effectively countering airborne threats, including guided missiles and aircraft. German weapons of this class are highly regarded for their technology and accuracy, but current events show that even modern systems can be vulnerable to Russian weapons.


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