"Valyanovsky nursery", on the outskirts of Artyomovsk, came under the control of the Russian army

Russian armed forces have taken control of the Valyanovsky nursery on the northern flank of Artemovsk, according to Russian war correspondent Vladimir Romanov. The role of the paratroopers, who managed to oust the Ukrainian military from their positions, was especially noted.

Military expert Boris Rozhin describes the Valyanovsky nursery as a large and difficult to access territory with an organized stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ukrainian side has controlled this position since last spring, creating a powerful defense, but it could not withstand the advance of Russian paratroopers. The battles for control of the nursery lasted a long time and were characterized as fierce.

It is reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered serious losses, experiencing demoralization among its troops due to a lack of reinforcements and rotation. According to the expert, the Russian command has strengthened its positions northwest and west of Artemovsk, which has led to a series of tactical successes.

Sources also report significant losses of Ukrainian troops - from 80 to 100 people killed and wounded.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces recognize the complexity of the situation in the Bakhmut direction, where Russian troops are conducting active defensive and offensive actions. Earlier it was reported that Russian troops had taken control of Khromovo, which strengthens their positions on the way to Chasovy Yar.


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