Washington approved sending Ukraine American MLRS M-142 "HIMARS"

The United States approved the shipment of heavy and long-range MLRS M-142 HIMARS and M-270 to Ukraine.

The US presidential administration has decided to approve the delivery of multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine. We are talking about the supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at once with two variants of the American MLRS - M-142 HIMARS and M-270, created on the basis of the M31 GMLRS. At the same time, sources note that so far we are not talking about the supply of tactical missile weapons, however, missiles capable of striking at distances of up to 300 kilometers will be transferred to Ukraine.

The transfer, which will be part of Ukraine's next arms package, will be announced next week, officials said. M31 GMLRS has a firing range of 70 to 500 km depending on the ammunition, however, tactical missiles will not be transferred to Ukraine, and therefore, the maximum range of strikes will be no more than 300 kilometers. The system can be equipped with satellite-guided missiles.

It is not known how many multiple launch rocket systems will be provided to Ukraine, however, experts believe that we can talk about 2-3 batteries, although this raises a number of questions as to who exactly will control such weapons.

Taking into account the range of the American MLRS, this poses a very serious threat, since in fact, the M-142 HIMARS and M-270 multiple launch rocket systems will become the most long-range weapons in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.