cluster munition


Washington is considering the possibility of transferring cluster munitions to Kyiv

Ukraine may receive cluster munitions from the US.

At the moment, such a possibility is being discussed between the US authorities and the Pentagon, while we are talking about both cluster munitions for artillery, and cluster munitions for HIMARS and MLRS systems.

As it turned out, the supply of cluster munitions for Ukraine is an extreme case, if for some reason the Ukrainian army runs out of conventional ammunition. Nevertheless, the very fact of discussing such possibilities indicates that the United States intends to initially come to a consensus on the need to supply, and subsequently, if such a need arises, immediately organize the shipment of such weapons to Ukraine.

At the moment, the possibility of sending to Ukraine cluster munitions for artillery, as well as cluster munitions for HIMARS and MLRS missile systems is being considered. The stocks of such ammunition in the US arsenals are very large and their deliveries can be carried out even with the current needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for several years.

Unlike the United States and a number of other countries, neither Russia nor Ukraine has signed an international treaty banning the use of cluster munitions.


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