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NATO combat aircraft and strike control board spotted near Crimea

NATO fighters and bombers suddenly appeared near Crimea.

A group of NATO fighters unexpectedly appeared near the borders of Crimea the day before. NATO combat aviation was accompanied not only by a tanker aircraft, but also by an attack control aircraft. This further points to the fact that the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance are preparing to attack Russia.

According to the Telegram-community “Militarist”, a few hours ago, a NATO refueling plane suddenly appeared in the sky over the Black Sea and moved towards Crimea. According to the assumptions made, fighters and bombers from NATO countries could also be here. This is evidenced by a photograph showing the flight route of a foreign military aircraft.

"Judging by the presence of an American tanker aircraft over the Black Sea, combat aircraft from NATO countries are also expected there.", - informs "Telegram" - community "Militarist".

Moreover, according to user Manu Gomez, at about the same time over the central part of the Black Sea, the E-8C Joint STARS, which took off from the Ramstein airbase (Germany), also flew over the central part of the Black Sea.

How close NATO combat aircraft flew to the Russian borders is unknown, since the routes of fighter flights were not tracked by publicly available monitoring resources.

It is noteworthy that all this took place against the backdrop of negotiations between Russia and NATO in Brussels, however, given the clearly high activity of NATO near the Russian borders over the past month, the situation is very tense.

So they don't seem to be afraid.

Suddenly, this group of aircraft could not appear in the vicinity of the Crimea, because in the Crimea there is a powerful grouping of Russian air defense systems. Russia knew about their approach to the Crimea in advance.

The answer to our ultimatums! Everyone seems to be afraid of us ..



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