Russian Airborne Forces
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Russian Airborne Forces were thrown to intercept an American military convoy in Syria

The Russian Airborne Forces clearly demonstrated to the United States that the jokes in Syria are over.

A unit of the Russian Airborne Forces took part in blocking a column of American armored vehicles that illegally tried to enter the territory controlled by the Syrian government forces. Often, other units or even the Syrian military take part in such operations, however, the appearance of the Russian Airborne Forces on the route of the American column of armored vehicles was clearly a big surprise for the United States.

According to the information that was at the disposal of the editors of the news agency, a unit of the Russian Airborne Forces took part in the suppression of an attempt by the US military to illegally enter the territory controlled by the Syrian government forces and Russian troops in the province of Hasakah. The incident did not take place at all against the backdrop of clearly cooled relations between the United States and Russia this year - a similar situation took place in the middle of last year. Given the current tension between Moscow and Washington, special units of the Russian Airborne Forces may well be sent to Syria to counter US forces illegally present in the Arab Republic.

It should be noted that in the first three weeks of this year alone, the Russian military has already blocked American military columns in Syria three times. This points to the fact that relations between the US and Russia in the Arab Republic will deteriorate significantly due to US-sabotaged security talks.

Some kind of passage yard, and not a combat area, whoever is not there

Americans are the #1 terrorists in the world.

Frames are old now in Syria winter

what was "thrown", where was "thrown"?

Marines wear black striped vests. at the Airborne Forces with blue

watch both videos - they are mirrored - all landscape objects are repeated, but it is filmed as if mirrored ... then the US car turns in one direction, then in the other, then the black car on one side then on the other. Only a leaf on the asphalt in the wind betrays everything

The only difference is strength. The Americans are arming terrorists and squeezing oil fields...

It can be seen that you are blind, they turn around and roll back into their hole!

It is not clear who Russia is fighting in Syria. With terrorists or with Americans

The jokes will end when the illegal military formations begin to lose their bases.

Airborne Forces? .. why do they have sea vests, not airborne ones? ..
Maybe still the Marines then?.

You can see how a car with an American flag blocked the road. And that's it.



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