Aircraft Falcon 50


Leading engineer of Vnukovo pleads guilty to Falcon crash

Lead engineer Vnukovo Airport He admitted his guilt share in the tragedy connected with the crash of the head of Total.

According to information obtained by the information resource, Vladimir Ledenev, admitted that he saw how the snow plow, into which the plane of the head of Total crashed, separated from the common column, but could not prevent the tragedy. It should be clarified that according to the job description, the leading engineer of Vnukovo Airport should have contacted the driver of the snowplow and the senior engineer of the shift, however, due to the fact that for technical reasons the connection did not work, this was not possible.

It should be noted that as a result of the crash with the Falcon plane, four people died, while at the moment the court is trying to find out the degree of guilt of the main suspects in this case. A few weeks ago, the driver of the snowplow himself admitted his guilt in the crash, however, it still remains unknown why he separated from the main column and drove off to the runway.


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