HMS Duncan


UK urgently sent destroyer "HMS Duncan" to the shores of Iran

A British warship urgently left the Ukrainian military exercises and headed for the shores of Iran.

Despite the fact. that the UK had previously announced that the Iranian warships posed no danger to the passage of British oil tankers, it became known that the British destroyer HMS Dunсan was forced to interrupt the Sea Breeze exercises and go urgently to the Persian Gulf, for ensure the safety of British oil tankers.

According to some reports, British warships already in the Persian Gulf are not coping with escorting oil tankers whose owners refuse to leave the region alone.

Despite the fact. according to official data, the warship was supposed to go to the Persian Gulf after the end of the military exercises off the coast of Ukraine, online services show that in fact, the British destroyer had even left the Black Sea.

The Iranian military has categorically denied the alleged attack on British oil tanker The British Heritage, despite the fact. that the latter twice violated the territorial waters of Iran.