UK and US will not shoot down missiles over Ukraine

At a White House briefing, National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby expressed the United States' position on its role in defending Ukraine, similar to Israel. Kirby explained the answer to the question about the reasons for the lack of protection of Ukrainian airspace from Russian missiles and drones by the difference in conflicts and opponents. According to him, if the United States can consider the possibility of a conflict with Iran, which is a threat to Israel, then the situation with Russia and Ukraine is completely different, and entering into a direct confrontation with Russia can lead to extremely serious consequences.

Kirby added:

“I knew this question would come up. We are talking about different conflicts, different airspace, different threat pictures.”

Thus, he emphasized that the situations with Israel and Ukraine are incomparable in their international context and possible consequences for global security.

The UK takes a similar position. The country's Foreign Minister David Cameron also recently said that a direct conflict with Russia is unacceptable, since “this means the actual beginning of the Third World War.”


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