US Air Force


Great Britain began jamming radars of Russian S-400s in Crimea

British military aircraft interfere with Russian air defense systems.

Information that the sudden appearance of a large number of British Air Force military aircraft near the Russian borders with the aim of jamming Russian radars and air defense systems was confirmed by the military. So, according to the publication "Voennoye Obozreniye", the main purpose of the presence of 28 combat and reconnaissance aircraft of the British Air Force is to identify the vulnerabilities of Russian air defense systems, which means that a targeted radio-electronic effect is being carried out on the Russian S-300 and S-400 complexes.

“The British Air Force and Navy have increased their activity along the borders of the Russian Federation, conducting patrols. So they identify the vulnerabilities of the air defense of the Russian Federation, so that they can subsequently be used. Patrolling has been carried out since late August. The publication calls it "an unprecedented operation to transfer the Russian military to a defensive position." 28 British aircraft take part in long-distance flights. They operate over the Black Sea and in the Arctic zone near the Kola Peninsula. Each sortie is carried out by a group of five combat vehicles. The operation involves Typhoon fighters, Voyager tanker aircraft, Sentry E-3 Awacs and RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft, and Sentinel ground-based radar reconnaissance aircraft. ", - about it сообщает Military Review.

Experts believe that due to the fact that the radio-electronic impact on Russian systems can be carried out in different ranges, such a large number of combat and reconnaissance aircraft of Great Britain can mean only one thing - preparation for a massive strike, or the development of such actions.

“The British may well study the“ holes ”in Russian air defense systems, including the ability to work in multitasking mode. This is the first time this has been observed and Russia should be prepared for any development of the situation. ", - the expert marks.

British take it easy!
cannot be won, come to your senses.
50years old fan of your
football, rock music, etc.
But Russia is a great country and I
ready to fight for her, go to-
my, put on diapers.

What are we? Again "worried"?

The more we check the better, we will know where to fix it and how to improve it.

And an option --- Burn out a couple of airplanes "Krasuha" ????

and we buy chamomile from Japan ...

"Distant Siberian!" You will not be touched, because war for the sake of war, no one needs. A new battle will be due to resources and, first of all, it is water!

The Turks are great, they brought down the SU and they are not afraid of anyone.

Let them attack, England will immediately be wiped off the face of the earth and uninhabitable.

Are you talking about Ukraine ??

Kazan, Sergiev Posad, Tambov, Samara, as far as I remember, these are powder and explosive factories

What about the fact that gunpowder is not produced in our country? We buy in China. How are we going to fight?

Yes, surprisingly short-sighted and infantile reasoning in a similar vein. Once upon a time, about 15 years ago, when my grandfather, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, was still alive, he spoke about the same memories for 39,41 years. Then many also believed that Hitler would never attack the USSR, that our army would throw any enemy back in a couple of days. The result is known.

It is also worth conducting an experiment to test their electronic systems on the enemy, then let them prove that we burned their electronics

You probably have rubella, but here in Russia, the means of electronic warfare-Krasuha ...

There are a lot of electronic warfare in the Crimea, and why can't one of the Pindos or British reconnaissance aircraft be landed on the shore?

I think we are also studying jammers and their capabilities

as far as I know the English Channel (fairway) is international waters ...
How about a permanent electronic warfare in the English Channel?
just for "bullets" and "shells" in a brazen foreign territory - everyone condemns, but for "radio waves" - there was no conversation.

You are right, our enemies who sit among us are much more dangerous than those outside.

Mikhail, politicians have a lot of guts, their assets and children are in the UK, and UK citizenship is not excluded. And their children are there because no one has canceled the institution of hostages.

"Rubella" is red wine, it was also called "mumble" ...

Ships on an ongoing basis with Rubella and SS 500 missiles and others. And scare. It will also send Tu 160 to the shores of England. I already wrote that Russia needs to build Tu 160. Approximately 1000 pieces are needed.

Do not talk nonsense, they do not dare to attack Iran in any way, but here, in your opinion, they are preparing an attack on one of the strongest nuclear powers. No one will ever attack us, they are hanging on your ears so that the guarantor's ratings grow ...

Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson republics are needed. Here this solution is better than the others)))

1. The submarine does not fall to the bottom.
2. The bourgeoisie of their children is still looking for
not taken out from the island.

A self-respecting country would call it an attack and take action. But how do you take measures for the country - the real homeland of our entire elite, a pack of traitors and traitors.

Near Evpatoria, in the village of Vitino, there is a RT-70 radio telescope with 4 Harpoon transmitters (transmission range 700 million km). Just turn it in their direction and turn on the transmission without modulation - like we are setting up the lines of distant space communication. Even in Soviet times, the receivers of the Pindos satellites were perfectly burned (he himself was on an internship in 1985, then it was military unit 34436)

He served in 1980-1982 on the C200 (Vega), the interference was removed at a time. Both snow and jammers. Now, I'm sure, the Naglo-Saks will make our operators laugh.

We are waiting for the next attack of the light cavalry!

One very smart one in 1941 forbade responding to fire on the Soviet military. Allegedly, this is a provocation, and if you do not respond to it, then the enemy will have no reason to start a war. But the trouble happened - Hitler did not give a shit about the reasons, he just started the war when he saw fit. And because of this smart guy, at the beginning of the war, the country lost almost all of its aviation, a huge number of tanks and artillery right in the warehouses, I generally keep silent about human casualties. Why do you think the main documents on the Second World War are still classified? Those who like to talk about a bad world and a good war think that they are very smart, not that they are "narrow-minded." But because of you, the country runs the risk of screwing up the beginning of the real massacre and terrible consequences again. But you, "narrow-minded", do not understand this.

..., the military has no one there, while the politician thinks, the military will press the button ...,

Yes sir. Especially when the children live there.

"Sentinel ground-based radar reconnaissance aircraft"
Is this a new super duper weapon?

Quite right, since the impact is directed at objects located on the territory of Russia.

I agree. Suppressing the air defense of a country guarding its borders is an attack.

Do not dare, perhaps, the commanders
Strangers tear their uniforms
Oh Russian bayonets?

Rubella is a childhood disease. Krasuha can be.

Who will be in their right mind and sober memory to declassify the real capabilities of the C 400 and the latest modernized C300, when the hour X comes they will all be below ground level and very quickly. Serving in the army at the end of the USSR, I was personally convinced that not all the possibilities indicate

Jamming is considered an attack on Russian territory. Shoot down jammers without warning

Large-scale preparations are underway for the war over Crimea. When can we expect the outbreak of hostilities? I would not like to be caught by surprise.

Maybe our submarines have long been on duty near London and Washington. We lay low and await the command.

It’s a real pity that around northern Britain we don’t dare to arrange such a merry-go-round, it can be seen that politicians have little guts.

Unfortunately, narrow-minded people do not understand that a bad peace is better than a good war!

What are you talking about ... Our politicians are THERE ... their children and grandchildren ... And their whole patriotism is a soap bubble ...

Let them include their "jammers". Remember how recently ours did with a French reconnaissance ship in the Black Sea, when it also began jamming the S-400. We turned on "Rubella" 4 and the Frenchman quickly "dumped". I hope they will do the same now.

What are you? And what did they not promise?

A confrontation (or war) is not won by sitting on the defensive. At least the example of the Great Patriotic War confirms this. The Americans and the British are sending dozens of their planes to our borders, and we? Are all our politicians hoping that the country will be left alone? This is not the defense of one's borders and not defending the interests of one's Motherland, but "Tolstoyism" leading to defeat.