UK spotted dozens of Russian submarines deep in the Atlantic Ocean

The strange behavior of Russian submarines at great depths raised questions from NATO.

The British Navy has discovered a large number of Russian submarines in the Atlantic Ocean, which, it is said, at great depths, perform rather strange tasks. According to the British military, we are talking about dozens of Russian nuclear submarines.

Earlier, the command of the US Navy has already reported that Russian nuclear submarines are disappearing without a trace in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, attempts to detect them by standard means are completely unsuccessful. This does not exclude the possibility that Russian submarines go to great depths to carry out some secret missions.

“Dozens of Vladimir Putin's 4th generation Project 955 Borei strategic nuclear submarines dive unusually deep in the Norwegian Sea near Britain. It is assumed that these strategic submarines can carry the new Zircon 3M22 hypersonic missiles, which are capable of covering 2,7 km per second. A military source told the Mirror newspaper: “The reason for these extremely deep Russian missions is not yet clear to most analysts. Most likely, this may be an attempt by Russia to provide covert access to the entire Atlantic "", - reports the British edition "The Sun".

What exactly is connected with the strange activity of Russian submarines in the Atlantic Ocean is still unknown. Experts believe that they can be on alert based on the changing situation.

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