UK announced the start of training of Ukrainian pilots for the use of Western fighters

Britain begins training Ukrainian pilots for the transfer of Western fighters.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that the UK intends to expand the training of the Ukrainian military and begin to train marines, as well as pilots, to use Western combat aircraft. Information on this matter appeared just a few weeks after unofficial information appeared that London was ready to consider the supply of its fighters and bombers to Ukraine.

The supply of Western fighters and bombers to Ukraine undoubtedly leads to a prolongation of the conflict. At the same time, there is an extremely serious danger that London's actions could lead to an armed conflict with Russia, as it became known earlier that the UK intended to transfer Storm Shadow tactical missiles to Ukraine, which have a range of hitting sea and ground targets of 300 kilometers.

The training of Ukrainian pilots provides for a 6-month program, on the basis of which it can be stated that earlier than autumn, Ukrainian pilots are unlikely to be ready to use Western combat aircraft.

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