UK announces delivery of additional M270 MLRS to Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Great Britain announced the transfer of additional M270 MLRS to Ukraine.

According to British Prime Minister Liz Truss, in 2023 the country's authorities plan to transfer to Ukraine additional M270 MLRS multiple launch rocket systems, which are direct analogues of the American Himars MLRS. Truss did not name the exact number of systems that will be transferred to Ukraine, however, in total, London is ready to allocate $ 2,6 billion for Ukraine, which implies a possible supply of 3 to 6 MLRS with the transfer of appropriate ammunition.

“The exact nature of UK military support in 2023 will be determined based on the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, it is expected to include equipment such as the multiple launch rocket system provided to Ukraine by the UK and other countries. This played a decisive role in the fact that in recent days Ukraine was able to regain more than 3000 square kilometers of territory.”- reports broker the UK government.

At the moment, the exact timing of the supply of these weapons for the needs of Ukraine has not been determined, however, we are obviously talking about the supply of weapons no earlier than the spring of the coming year.