UK announces delivery of three more MLRS M270 MLRS to Ukraine

The UK has decided to transfer another M270 MLRS MLRS battery to Ukraine.

The number of M270 MLRS systems that will be in service with the Ukrainian military has been increased to 9 units, which is comparable in efficiency to 18 Himars M142 systems. This is due to the fact that, according to the UK, at least three more units of the M270 MLRS will be transferred to Ukraine.

According to the head of the British Ministry of Defense Ben Wallace, the decision to additional deliveries of M270 MLRS systems to Ukraine was made against the backdrop of the effectiveness of the use of these weapons by the Ukrainian military, however, Wallace did not give any details and arguments on this matter.

It is noteworthy that the intensification of the supply of these weapons by the United States and NATO countries was recorded against the background of the information published by the Deputy Commander of the First Corps of the People's Militia of the DPR Eduard Basurin about the supply of new long-range missiles ER GMLRS and ATACMS to the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a range of up to 120 and 150 kilometers.

To date, it is known that at least 16 M142 Himars MLRS, 3 MARS II systems, as well as 3 M270 MLRS systems were sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which, taking into account the planned supply of another MLRS MLRS battery, will allow Kyiv to increase the number of weapons received to 25 units.


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