Great Britain announced secret special operations against Russia, in which thousands of military personnel will take part

Great Britain has announced that it is conducting covert special operations against Russia, involving thousands of military personnel.

After a dangerous incident in the Black Sea, which could well escalate into an armed conflict between Russia and Great Britain, the kingdom announced that secret special operations would be conducted against Russia, in which it was planned to use several thousand SAS and SBS special forces.

According to the material published by The Times, Great Britain intends to act harshly against both Russia and China, moreover, noteworthy is the fact that in fact, we are talking about an encroachment on sovereignty.

"British special forces will take on a new covert mission against China and Russia as they shift their focus to countering 'major state enemies,'" a senior military leader said. Brigadier General Mark Totten said SAS and SBS will have more time and money to carry out “high-risk” counter-government missions that require more detail, planning and expertise. The Royal Marines will take on traditional unit roles. ", - the edition "The Times" informs.

Such a statement could lead to a very harsh reaction from Russia. In particular, now the Russian military can freely destroy any British forces located in Syria, without warning, attack ships and aircraft that violate Russian borders, etc. Moreover, noteworthy is the fact that, in fact, we are talking about the protection of Russian sovereignty against the background of British aggression.

Britain took advantage of the situation. While Putin and his United Russia party have opposed themselves to the Russian people with their anti-popular corruption policy, desecrating the country's history, Great Britain is using this situation for its global purposes.

Hopefully, the photos of the future secret heroes - Defenders of Inalienable Rights and Duties will be distributed to the Russians and Chinese in advance. So that, if anything, they would not be killed, but taken prisoner and fed in accordance with the Geneva Convention. ,, Bridge over the River Kwai "Remix and Sequel in one bottle ..

About 20 years ago, a wave of murders of leading Russian scientists and engineers swept across Russia. Beaten with baseball bats, blown up ...

For Russia, Britain is an extra country on the world map.

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