Great Britain announced the dispatch of 50 tanks and 150 pieces of equipment to the Russian borders

Great Britain announced its intentions to show strength to Russia.

Britain has announced that it is sending troops to the Russian border, allegedly to contain the Russian army. So, according to the data available to the information publication, in total, Great Britain has sent about 200 units of military equipment to the Russian borders, 50 of which are tanks, while in addition about 800 British troops will be deployed near the western borders of Russia.

“Trucks, troops and tanks have moved out of Southampton towards Russia today. Armament and military personnel will be combined with British forces in Estonia to confront Vladimir Putin. NATO commanders say the troops are a "package of assurances" for allies in Eastern Europe. About 200 vehicles, including 50 Warrior tanks, were hoisted aboard a huge ferry docked at the Maritime Center in Marchwood. Troops and trucks from the Tidworth-based 5th Battalion Infantry Division will form part of the British Forward Presence Battle Group. 800 more soldiers will fly out next week to join the vehicles in Estonia. "- сообщает British edition "Daily Star".

Great Britain is openly going to confrontation with Russia, especially since British, American and Dutch warships are to enter the waters of the Black Sea over the next 2-3 weeks, which indicates that Russia may return to deploying its troops in Crimea to confront threats to NATO.