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Britain announces it is sending its troops to Ukraine

In London, they decided to send their military to Ukraine.

A British military group was sent to Ukraine, contrary to earlier statements by NATO and the UK that foreign troops would not be deployed on the territory of this state. As it became known, we can talk about a group of hundreds of British military, while it is noteworthy that London disguises the deployment of British troops in Ukraine under the alleged training of Ukrainian military personnel in the use of the delivered NLAW complexes.

“British soldiers will train the Ukrainian military in the use of defensive weapons systems. A spokesman for Mr. Johnson said: “A small military training team is deployed to help the Ukrainian military become familiar with the defense systems we provide and ensure they can use them as soon as possible. Operation Orbital, our training deployment in Ukraine, typically involves around 100 people – this number will fluctuate depending on the type of training being conducted.” 100 British troops will be in the country for a short period of time only for training and will not engage in hostilities with Russian troops., - reports the British edition of INews.

Nevertheless, journalists doubt that a hundred, and probably more, British military personnel are sent to Ukraine only to train Ukrainian military personnel, especially since, according to a number of sources, we are talking about representatives of the British military special forces, who may well carry out various kinds of sabotage and provocations in the Donbass.

Don't have 100 friends, have 100 fusion bombs. Forgot?

Russia will not deploy its troops in the Donbass as this will violate the Minsk agreements, although they see that no one will comply with them, but they are still inviolable

it's not the military, it's the loaders who will evacuate the embassy))

That's it, September 1941 is back.

If you are talking about NATO, then with such friends there is no need for enemies!

Well, that means now Russia has every right to deploy its military in the Donbass! And again, exclusively IN ANSWER, i.e. SECOND!!!
As always, the countries of the West or Kiev take the FIRST HOSTILE STEP, then Russia IN THE SECOND RESPONSE, but the West will again lie that only the Russian Federation has shown "aggression" ...

Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends. Forgot?



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