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Great Britain announced the dispatch of its warships to block the Russian fleet in Crimea

The British Navy announced the sending of their warships to the Black Sea to block the Russian fleet.

The British Ministry of Defense announced that the Kingdom's Navy intends to send two of its warships into the Black Sea to block the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the event that the latter's ships move towards Ukraine or towards NATO countries. At the moment it is known that we are talking about two destroyers, which will additionally be covered by the British aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth", however, the latter will not enter the Black Sea, remaining in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

"Britain will send two ships to the Black Sea in May to express solidarity with Kiev and NATO," The Times reported, citing sources. It is planned that the aircraft carrier "HMS Queen Elizabeth" will cover them in the Mediterranean Sea. The decision of the United States to abandon the entry of ships into the Black Sea does not affect the plans of the British side, a senior defense source told The Times, "according to the Before All Telegram news community.

Experts draw attention to the fact that any attempts by the British Navy to interfere with the movement of Russian civilian sea vessels and warships will instantly be regarded by Russia as direct aggression.

Fairy tale characters"

The queen of the ponds.

So there is not a fleet, but a united grouping of THREE fleets: the Black Sea, the Caspian and the Baltic (if I am not mistaken, and maybe the Northern). And in total there were gathered two dozen ships, and on each - "Caliber", and maybe even more abruptly. And what should TWO destroyers do there? Indeed, if something happens, even diapers will not remain from them.

It's a pity for Queen Elizabeth - I could still walk and walk ...

They haven't changed the linen for a long time. They are looking for a reason.

TWO troughs will block the ENTIRE fleet !? Phantom glitches from two hundred years ago .. stirring? So the anniversary of 1853 is still a long way off.