UK abandons advanced strike drone due to lack of titanium supplies from Russia

Britain has decided to abandon the advanced program to create an unmanned wingman fighter.

Despite the promise of the British project LANCA (Lightweight Affordable Novel Combat Aircraft), the UK decided to finally abandon the development of an unmanned fighter M. As it turned out, due to the lack of titanium supplies from Russia, as a result of sanctions imposed by the West, the project turned out to be extremely expensive, and therefore ineffective.

To date, the Mosquito drone was considered one of the most progressive in the LANCA project, however, the command of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain decided to abandon the promising unmanned fighter based on the results of testing the UAV demonstrator - the project turned out to be vulnerable and quite expensive - subject to the probable loss of this drone in combat, given the lack of titanium supplies for the production of a drone, the prospects of this particular drone were considered as low.

At the same time, it is known that the UK will continue to work on drones as part of the LANCA project. At the same time, other drones will be considered, the production of which may turn out to be cheaper.

It is noteworthy that earlier Germany also faced problems due to the lack of supplies of Russian titanium - modern German tanks became extremely expensive to produce, as a result of which Berlin has not yet transferred the Leopard tanks promised to Poland.