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Britain deployed three planes with unknown weapons and military to Ukraine

The third British military aircraft brought unknown weapons and military personnel to Ukraine.

The third British military transport aircraft arrived in Ukraine in a day, delivering unknown weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Despite the earlier statement that we are talking about the supply of light anti-tank systems, experts note that it could have been done by one side, however, apparently, the data that London is carrying out the transfer of Brimstone missiles to Ukraine may well be true .

As it turned out, in addition to the arrival of the weapons themselves in Ukraine, a small group of British military personnel was also transferred here. Against the background of sending Canadian special forces to Ukraine, this may well indicate the fact that NATO is building up its grouping in this country, preparing for a special operation to seize Donbass.

What kind of weapons can be discussed is still unknown, however, the supply of weapons by three military transport aircraft at once indicates that we are not talking only about anti-tank missile systems announced by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

Experts fear that, having received a significant amount of anti-tank systems, the Armed Forces of Ukraine may begin to hit the civilian population in the DPR and LPR with them.

I'm quite normal, I have a family, two children, I earn normally. I never had anything to do with the military or civil servants, but people like you fell down when it got hot or didn’t live here at all and now they compose fairy tales.

And why are air-to-ground missiles (Brimstone) in Ukraine if they don’t have aviation?

God, how scary! I don't want war, I have little grandchildren! People, come to your senses!

It's time to declare Ukraine a no-fly zone
No need to sleep

Well, Iskanders with Yars to Minsk, NATO members to fertilize Donbass.

In the LPR and DPR, only pensioners and families of militants remained from the civilian population. The rest, normal, are all already in Russia or in the West.



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