Rocket Harpoon


Britain will give Ukraine cruise anti-ship missiles

The UK announced the supply of drones and anti-ship missiles to Ukraine.

By the end of this month, the UK intends to transfer cruise anti-ship missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles to the Ukrainian military. What kind of drones are in question is unknown, however, the transfer of cruise anti-ship missiles to Ukraine probably implies the transfer of Harpoon cruise anti-ship missiles to Ukraine.

To date, Ukraine is armed with British Brimstone anti-ship missiles with a target engagement range of up to 60 kilometers. However, apparently due to the limited capabilities of these weapons, the UK decided to send to Ukraine anti-ship missile systems with anti-ship missiles "Harpoon", capable, depending on the modification, to hit targets at distances up to 260 kilometers. Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the fact that Britain had previously promised Ukraine the supply of anti-ship missiles, but, for unknown reasons, refused to do so. This does not exclude the possibility that this time the supply of these weapons will be disrupted.

Experts draw attention to the fact that one of the reasons for the possible supply of anti-ship cruise missiles to Ukraine may be the complete loss of control over the Black Sea by the Ukrainian military - the Ukrainian fleet has practically ceased to exist, and the drones previously used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine are very vulnerable.