Fighter F-35


Great Britain breaks contract with the USA for the supply of 90 F-35 fighters

Great Britain was dissatisfied with the American F-35 fighters and canceled the contract for their supply.

The British defense department was dissatisfied with the technical combat capabilities of the fifth generation American fighters, and therefore it is breaking the contract for the supply of 90 combat vehicles of this type. Due to the fact that some of the F-35 fighters have already been put into service with the Royal Air Force of Great Britain, it was decided to leave in service only 48 of the 138 fighters provided for under the concluded contract.

“In presenting evidence to the Committee of Public Accounts last week, Secretary of Defense Sir Stephen Lovegrove suggested that the UK's potential fleet of F-35s would be less than the 138 combat vehicles reported in the 2015 Strategic Defense and Security Review. “The situation is changing with these very long-term programs. Opportunities are emerging that make things that you still have to buy, perhaps obsolete, or perhaps you need fewer of them, or the threats are changing. ” So far, the UK has ordered 48 F-35Bs, all of which are due to be delivered by 2025. The final number of F-35s was called into question due to the need to finance the development of the future Tempest air combat system "- сообщает Airforce technology publication.

Experts argue that the UK's attempt to make a key bet on its own new generation fighter is erroneous, since today we are talking only about the first works in the design of a fighter, while the project itself, obviously, may contain a lot of problems, since any modern technology in the UK is lacking.


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