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Great Britain decided to increase nuclear power by 40%

While a policy of reducing nuclear weapons is being pursued around the world, Britain has decided to increase the number of warheads. Not long ago, the United States and Russia agreed to extend START III, but the threat of a nuclear strike from Britain could negate the efforts of countries to keep the situation under control, the expert notes.

The UK recently released a post-Brexit long-term strategic plan evaluation report. An important change in it was a radical change in nuclear strategy, which again reduces international arms control.

The adjustment to Britain's nuclear strategy takes three big steps back in terms of arms control.

First, the number of nuclear warheads is going to be returned to the previous level. Since the end of the Cold War, Britain has gradually reduced the number of nuclear warheads. In 2010, there was a statement about plans to reduce their number to 180 units by the mid-2020s. But at present, the UK disarmament trend has been revised and a decision has been made to increase the upper limit of warheads to 260, that is, to increase the volume of nuclear weapons by 40%.

Second, the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons is being lowered. Authorization was announced to use nuclear weapons to counter threats from new and emerging technologies. Previously, British nuclear weapons were intended primarily to combat chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons of mass destruction. This time it is proposed to use it against new and emerging technologies. This group of threats includes Internet networks, encryption, artificial intelligence and laser weapons.

Third, while maintaining "deliberate ambiguity", the transparency effect of deployed nuclear weapons is lost. In the current report, there can be no talk of any transparency. It contains classified information on the number of deployed missiles and warheads, as well as on the actual stocks of nuclear weapons. This is done on purpose to disorient the enemy and make it difficult for him to plan an attack.

At the present time, the United Kingdom is going to increase the number of nuclear warheads, aiming its spearhead at Russia, which cannot but affect further disarmament by Russia and the United States.

Plans and implementation are a huge difference! Brexit will require huge costs to reorganize the economy. Which can pay off later. And it may not pay off.
So far, the Brexit idea is more like a change of ownership. Like, the old (Bruxel) did not become a "beloved wife" - I will go to another.
Britain will not survive on its own. Chat, not the Middle Ages. Everything has already been divided.
This means that the warheads are simply the placement of the United States.
They will not understand in any way that, first of all, the boom is to hit not the warheads, but the knobs on the buttons.
Although ... to take dangerous and expensive maintenance away from home is so Omerikonian