Great Britain decided to take revenge on Russia for intercepting its ships and is already sending three warships to the Crimea.

Great Britain has decided to send three ships to the Crimea.

Against the background of how the entire British fleet suffered more crushing humiliation from a group of two Russian combat reconnaissance ships, which, according to media reports, broke into the ranks of the British aircraft carrier strike group, it became known that London decided to go along the path of escalation and instead of the two previously announced to be sent to the Black Sea frigates, will send another warship of the Netherlands Navy.

HNLMS Evertsen will depart on May 22 to participate in the deployment of the British Aircraft Carrier Strike Group (AUG). Evertsen is involved in the group's air defense. The ship operates under the tactical command of the British commander of the AUG. The commander of the armed forces, General Onno Eichelsheim, is in full command of the Dutch unit. AUG will pass through the North Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean and South China Sea to Japan. The Taiwan Strait is not included in the planned route. Part of the strike group will be sent to the Black Sea. Evertsen will also make a visit there. "- reports the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands.

Analysts assess such actions of Great Britain and NATO as a whole as an attempt at escalation, and, apparently, two British and one Dutch warships cannot avoid collisions with ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy and means of fighter and bomber aircraft.

“Russia has the means and ways to resist such provocations. NATO should not be offended subsequently if groups of Russian fighters or bombers accidentally appear above their decks, and electronic warfare systems disable the navigation and radar systems of British and Dutch ships. ", - the expert marks.

To date, Russia has brought about 20 warships to the Black Sea, in connection with which the ships from the British aircraft carrier strike group will receive a rather "warm" welcome.


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