UK threatens to shoot down Russian fighters over the Black Sea

In the UK, they announced their readiness to start shooting down Russian fighters over the Black Sea.

After an incident a few kilometers from Sevastopol involving the British destroyer Defender, the UK announced that it would continue to move freely in Russian territorial waters, and in case of opposition from Russia, Russian warplanes would be attacked as well.

This direct threat from the UK requires Russia to take tough measures in the event of repeated violations of Russian territorial waters by British ships. In particular, experts draw attention to the fact that in the event of a repetition of the incident near the Russian maritime borders, after the first warning, hostile ships should be attacked, if there is no reaction from the latter.

In the UK, they said that they could not hesitate to destroy two Russian combat aircraft that approached the missile destroyer at an unsafe distance during the incident on June 23, but for a number of reasons they did not do this.

According to previously discovered documents, the violation of Russian territorial waters was planned twice. In particular, on the presented route scheme, the destroyer initially violated the Russian sea borders off the western coast of Crimea, and then in the Sevastopol region.

Not! Petrov and Boshirov !!! They don't know anyone else.

1. Those who are sure of uselessness will not probe. 2. Who decided that Russia is not capable? Have there been clashes already? 3. Aircraft do not rust, leaving the factory six months or a year ago, completely new. This is not a Ukrainian technique of the Soviet era.

I have one question, When they break down the door to your apartment, will you sit and wait until they kill you ???

And unknown forces, suddenly, "knock down" the underwater tunnel under the Channel ...

NATO is competently probing the uselessness of Russia, tk. Russia is unable to resist the alliance by flying its rusty Soviet planes)

Let them try. Judging by the fact that the offender's naval guns were literally loaded on cameras and put on alert, the British greyhounds apparently wanted to try using them for the first time, but they want and can - these are two big differences)

They do not know what they are doing. Drowned out by their propaganda and self-confidence, they may stumble upon death. Everything.

They seem to have forgotten where they live. The same island can be accidentally washed away.


If this happens, only rubble will remain from the airfields of Turkey and Bulgaria within three to five minutes. unsuitable even for road construction! And from the ships that dared to use weapons against our planes or ships - I think - only circles on the water will remain! Do not tempt fate, gentlemen !!!

Means war. And why should we be afraid of defending our homeland?
Let the attackers be afraid.

This is already a war with NATO, and note the planes can take off from Turkey and Bulgaria, and then American bases.

The dog barks, the wind carries.

As seen from the photographs of the British Department of Defense, "Russian combat aircraft" WERE WITHOUT suspended weapons and did not pose a direct threat. This was done on purpose, so as not to frighten the British military and ONLY warn.
In the Black Sea, with its deep and wide range of shots, not only planes can sink ALL 18 (EIGHTEEN) warships of Great Britain.
I wonder London is so hungry for war? Russia has no other options in this "corner" to defend its sovereignty.