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UK: Nuclear strike on Russia is only a matter of time

The UK made a sensational statement.

Experts from the UK in an interview with the newspaper “Express” stated that a nuclear strike on Russia is inevitable, and is only a matter of time.

"Despite the supposed opinion that Russia and the United States have relatively good political relations, in reality, the conflict between the two superpowers is much more serious than during the time of the Caribbean crisis. The likelihood that the situation will be discharged is extremely low, and therefore it is logical to state that the whole world is on the verge of nuclear war ", - the newspaper reports.

Earlier, the United States of America made an unambiguous statement that will be ready to deliver a nuclear strike on Russia, in case this country uses its IL-22PP "Feller" aircraft against American space satellites and vehicles, capable of realizing such tasks.

Independent analysts have called the article of the British edition provocative, because to date relations between Russia and the United States are more like an arms race than any military confrontation.

"Great Britain once again escalates the situation, trying to expose Russia as an aggressor, and without offering any options for discussion. This is how Russia becomes an enemy in the eyes of the West. In fact, Russia is not an aggressively-minded country, as Western media present, trying to mislead ordinary citizens, especially to use nuclear weapons against anyone, unnecessarily ", - said the analyst

What interests me the most is: is there a directive for a "dying" strike on the United States and Great Britain, if, God forbid, Russia begins to disintegrate like the Soviet Union.
My heart, of course, aches with horror, but I do not need a world without Russia. Spit. It will be instant.

I will say briefly: the existence of the "Great" fiction itself is only a matter of time. The Anglo-Saxons were pissed, for a long time they didn’t ogrebali ... well, well ..

Senya, you did not understand the main thing. England, the United States and Russia are successfully building capitalism. And any bourgeois no matter where he comes from is not the dust you offer, but the commodity-money-capital.

if you had opened Lenin's “Letters from Afar”, you would have learned that the February revolution, which had removed the king from power, was the result of an Anglo-French conspiracy.

In 17, there was a Jewish coup, teach the history of the ignoramus.

you're right 100% There was a country of social justice, and now a country of oligarchs and a destitute population!

And what are you excited about.
All the capital in the offshore, on the islands no one is going to shoot. Do not worry.
If Russia were "blown away" in Syria, then Assad would be hanging on the tree, and where is he? Remind me.

in 17 year was not a coup but a people's trial over the fucking king

The military bases and bunkers will be destroyed.
And how many nuclear power plants are in the US? 150 NPP?
And do not bomb yourself into ashes.

They have a medieval arrogance arrogance-the killer of negative (aggressive) non-civilizations of biological non-worlds in the universe - the ugly universe ....

I agree with you!

It's a pity that in Britain there will be no one to comment on the blow to Russia.

we would have already rastrepali Russia ... but they can not, the Europeans are shoving it, but they are afraid of city battles.

Years ago, 40 with a friend figured out what and how much should be naglam. It turns out that not too much: 4 pieces like "Kuz'kina mother" along the island, and almost the entire surface - smooth glass ...

Taxpayers are overweighted ...

In the interest of the British, that would never happen. Their island is too small.

and the existence of the Great Britain is also a matter of time.

Potantschik, we have the same high-precision weapons will get high-precision where necessary, do not sink into your pocket.

Well, if they do not mind the grandmother's henhouse, let them scratch their tongues. And while we calculate the azimuth of the route.

What kind of estate after using nuclear weapons, which children?)) The system itself will work, orders from the cynic will not wait. A knotted strategist is cynical.

A preventive strike against England is needed if a blow to us is inevitable?

Britain (a couple of US) arranged for a coup in Russia in 17-m godu.Britania incited Hitler to the USSR. Britannia will never calm down, until Russia does not "reassure" it!

The Anglo-Saxons were completely stunned, but what will remain of the Great Britain after the "response"?!. Never mind!. Only a deserted sea !.

I remembered somehow about the Mexican strait. Cruelly? And let them understand with whom zigryvyut.

Dimochka do not worry! There is an ensign from the DMB, will erase the Pindos, and England is on the first place!

The ur-patriots were again overexcited, exhale. If Russia bombs, it will not be able to respond because the entire capital of the Kremlin officials, children, wives have long been in the West, they will not fire on their own. Russia will turn into a radioactive dump.
In the spring, when the Syrian conflict was ripe, too many ambitions, if a coalition led by the United States strikes at Assad, Russia will respond instantly and "let down" the enemy ships. But in practice a hole from a donut. Russia now is a cardboard country, which has long been used.

A retaliatory strike will not follow, they know this very well and will strike at a convenient time for them. It is profitable for all to destroy the population.

if there is a nuclear war, there will be a war of territories where America is comparable to a heel in comparison with Russia, and also about England and it's all just a matter of time

The fact is that the "shval" will sit in bunkers, and people will destroy! They will not give orders for destruction because they have real estate, families and children there.

It's a shame to see how the former mistress of the seas, with the colonies of slaves around the world, descended to the world. Now she has only to shred her stronger rivals with her foreheads. At the United States, the barking is small, and China is also afraid, but behind the pack of dogs, Russia is considered a bravado. It's a pity once a great country, very sorry.

Victor, what a mess in your head! And yet - in which class did you finish school? It's just a mockery of the language! Oh, I'm sorry!

England in the dust, the United States, in the dust and all who are against ROSSII, - also all - in the dust

It was smooth on paper and forgot about ravines
Read the nuclear doctrine of who and what is responsible for responding to the oncoming strike
Shortly the missile missile launcher recorded missile launches counted the trajectory, the information went straight to the Defense Center from there to the supreme commander-in-chief and only he can make a decision all the rest outside of the lot about which children of officials of their real estate you write at the first launch in Russia the world will be not the same as before in independence will Russia answer or not, and I would not like to live in such a world personally
Yes, and after the attack on Russia, it is better to burn in nuclear flames than to live in that world and even China, wherever they are, they will also follow the launches of these missiles and you think they will sit on the sidelines

Yes, there were in Russia and the United States and England - they escaped, no one drove them out, you want to conquer the Russians? That the Russians would rush to you? For the United States and England to become Russia? Russia will not become like you, you will become like Russia.

They will be exposed to such a note that there is no need for a nuclear strike - how much do they need the island? For the bazaar you have to answer

Seshhea infuriates that Russia has a system of parabia cut down in general all of their nuclear space buttons - that's what they are threatening! Not on the same clown will drag the missile

And it turns out that the football championship did not help us to establish peace in the whole world and to show everyone that we are good, let's be friends with the families. They do not want to understand us, probably because we have millions of hectares of land ambrosia over the thickets, does not want and they live on each other's heads, that's what they want to see us, pulls them hard with us to fraternize, and make profit, and everything goes to the fact that not only the land of the Russian kapets will come and all our balloon pipets will come.

It's time

A provocative article to intimidate the people of Russia, even if everything is destroyed the Perimeter system will make its farewell accompaniment and in the west it is known, so there will be no nuclear war!

Recently, I strongly doubt the ability to initiate an answer at ...

Recently, I started strongly, very strongly, to doubt that the Ruling ... enough spirit to press the trick!

old English technique, in the world politics just watched a long time the film Admiral Ushakov, here and so, pose foreheads their main policy

Yes, let these politicians kill each other. Bombs on their homes let them fold

I wonder what will remain of Britain after the "rebuff" ...))))

A nuclear strike on Russia may remain unanswered, and for reasons not technically, in all respects the country's nuclear shield is in perfect order, the reason is simple for children and families, as well as the property of our corrupt officials for much of the drill, in the west of England, France, The United States, Italy and Spain, whether a person will be able to give a command for the destruction of his loved ones, himself in a sheltered bunker where he can safely survive a nuclear bombing, and that shawl is a people who believed him no longer to save, and to answer for cowardice not before eat.

An Englishwoman spoils .... :-). Old .... A silly article, provokaktsionnaya.Voyna between nuclear powers is impossible, unless an acute suicidal insanity occurs. What is unlikely ...

The feeling that the power is not without purpose is gathering the remaining people in several cities, so that it's easier to destroy everyone .. I can not find another explanation.

Rome was great-fallen, England was great, and everything is also possible

It is necessary to pull off these nedouched monkeys from the nuclear button. So everyone wants (including without forgetting oneself) to bring under the monastery - to destroy. Here it smells - not stupid and even dumber, but more specifically - debilism.

All right said, it's sad that we have a zoo is not worse, and it's a pity, such a Country, and the story ..

American analysts have already calculated the possible options for completing a nuclear war: 1. If the Pindos go to the crime against humanity and attack Russia, then the United States, Europe (including the Anglo-Saxons) and the third part of Russia will be destroyed. 2. If Russia strikes a preemptive blow, then the United States, half of Europe (including the Anglo-Saxons) and a tenth of Russia will be destroyed. Obviously, the United States and Britain have no future, as do not turn!

one must report that in the event of war the island under the name of the UK will not remain a Marian cavity2 and let this micro state less vyakaet.Ot impotence that in London that in the zoo the zoo was arranged by someone who chose them, where they were caught in short supply

And how many nuclear strikes must be made in England to stop this country from being a state? Atomic torpedoes around the coast towns and everything, all 5-6. Although Belfast will return to the Irish.

In the nuclear war, the United Kingdom does not have any chances to survive on the globe. From these miserable islands with the remnants of imperial greatness there will be no trace. And the Anglo-Saxons too. The Englishwoman always shat, the end comes.


Everything is correct. But NS Khrushchev promised to show them "Kuz'kina's mother" but did not show it. Surely no one would vyakal and would spill the name of Stalin. And silence.

Khrushchev: Your pessemasters say that the United Kingdom will have one nuclear missile, optimists, ten. But we want to reassure everyone, we sent forty missiles at you.

No need to spend so much. It is enough to drop one bomb to the left of the island and one to the right of the island. The resulting tsunami will do the rest

it's clear that they will drown the Anglo-Saxons and scare them

In the UK, if the conflict begins, they will have enough missiles and they will only gurgle - they will not be able to bark.

The economic system is determined by production forces. Under the slave-owning line: they are slaves, under the capitalist: wage-workers. By the way, socialism: this is a form of capitalism, with state ownership. Under communism, the basis of productive forces will be robots. There will be no hired workers, as under capitalism, since all production processes will take place without the participation of man. The system of receiving benefits, will be mainly distributive. Since a person does not participate in production and does not receive a salary

In the event of a nuclear strike across Russia, the Mexican-Canadian Strait will appear, the English island will go under water, and the rest of the world will be covered with ashes of the volcano Jelouston. Then comes the nuclear winter. No one will survive. And that's true: "Why do we need a world in which there will be no Russia"?

... and they also called you earthworm ....

+++++ I'm with you!

Hello, yes, I agree that the Great Britain consists of Wales, England, Scotland, part of Ireland .... but this determines the type and style of thinking only from the part. The main signs of imperial thinking are the centuries-old history of permanent conquests, the constant struggle for personal enrichment, in other words for the land ... anywhere in the world ... China, Indonesia, India, Africa, Australia ... personal is more arrogant .. "the country where the sun never sets. " Now imagine how the English sailors, soldiers, representatives of theology in the cassocks, officials and merchants walked along the sea and by sea, beautifully and confidently .... It is easy to give everywhere English names to cities in lands if peoples are less literate, not armed for their era and can not even close to assume the level of insidiousness and deceit ... but you thought something, only with bayonets ... no ... it was by insidiousness, bleeding, of peoples and countries ... and on the island with big Ben watching the process of wars and redistribution .... A ... 550 years of the age of this administrative process and on and the whole picture weighs a lot of pictures in the Tate Gallery and in the British National Gallery, libraries are filled with memories of lords, pirates, conquerors of all stripes above these countries .. But that's not all .... look at the parliament - that's where without any embellishment
"whistle all upstairs" the deputies politely, in English, they cover up what the questions on Russia so comprehensively appeal to the sky, demanding that "rain of justice" be spilled on as usual other countries. Today we are dealing with the disciples of that diplomacy .... there are no other targets in this country, they do not have anywhere to grow ... they even destroyed the water systems of Libya in the desert, they see the whole structure of the world order in their own way-they are the center for determining the sequence of development of the European mass. ... A striking example of the European Union with them .... the British were told to come into operation with the euro countries and pay off for the second third ... sixth ... then their face was stretched out. We are one of the best scorers .... yes you .. you are the most ordinary ... euro-yuyens in the yard a new super fast age Values ​​are turned over and reprogrammed like a cube of Rubik ... Then the fairy tale is over ... and to see your own mistakes is given far away few ... We witnessed the fall of the next USSR: Scotland Ireland and other sovereign lands.

"Struggle with people's hands, get heat from the stove." To scourge the two powers and finish off the survivors depends on the circumstances. Old tactics like shit mammoth. Not so long ago, the "moussar" blew up the opg and then finished or put the survivors who do not take off. -answer.

Yeah, just do not forget we finally zahyayarit a few hundred megaton in the UK, so that they will not continue to yell.

Yes, it is unequivocal that in the event of a nuclear strike in Russia, England will disappear completely for ever, but Russia has absolutely no chance to survive and will disappear completely with England forever. I am personally not ready for this, and I do not want this to anyone. Do not engage in provocations, what these idiots and morons in England and America say is their trouble, they are no longer capable of anything. Russia has fought a lot, but has never wanted a war, and does not want it now.

if you start a nuclear war, you imagine how many people of animal insects and gnats will die will this real atomic winter

The Englishwoman, as usual, is shitting. Are they hoping to sit out on their island?

This is not a village, it's an aircraft carrier whose crew, along with passengers, 65 million people. A couple of blows will suffice to sink it forever.

The human factor is not a predictable substance. The war and the collapse of everything on Earth is possible. Based on artifacts, it is possible to assert with sufficient probability that nuclear wars on EARTH were already there.

Check. If you need)))

They even scared North Korea, where they really are to Russia. They are not suicides.

I think such countries like the United States and Britain are subject to complete destruction. All the other dissatisfied people are colonized.

direct collision will never happen ...

England ... This is what it is. I do not know such a village.

Nuna check the red button at the loader
there is it available or the tablets are already
if there is, do not cut the wires to it

And we guiltyly thought that England is only part of the UK!

While the US Senate is sitting with the McCaines, it is not surprising that they will bring a verdict to mankind with their rotten brains. The next "war" will happen already because of the earthworm, between two individuals perhaps similar to the current chimpanzees, or maybe to the Neanderthal man.

One betrayed his oath to his homeland and serves Israel ... the second took the oath of enemies to his homeland and serves America ... we betrayed the ancestors of the victims for their homeland and clap their hands to two traitors to their homeland - which of us betrayed the gut .... what are you waiting for? hope if traitors turn black and rot to the tail ... do we really destroy the country ourselves

It's not the communists that ruined the country, but the bryogi and the grumblers.

Strongly said: "A nuclear strike on Russia is only a matter of time,! ....... but, in the UK, it's not at all a question!"

They do not want to live on our land, it's cold. Privatization Nuclear strike and the subsequent police mission, this is for them one of the options for the destruction of Russia, another version of the betrayal of Elite

It is necessary to have a bite. G)

In this case, from the UK there will be nothing (((

Communist Yeltsin, Communist Putin, etc. 90% of what is left around of you from the Communists

Communist communists are different, in the USSR there was socialism and not communism. The idea is good but unachievable unfortunately

And behind the way, and behind Trump is Zhidovsky Chabad. What real contradictions can there be? We are just stupidly bleeding out to destroy people. As, and in the case of Ukraine. Chabadniki and we, and they have. Their task is to defeat the Slavs, that they themselves destroyed each other and liberated the territory for the ancestral Khazaria. Only idiots can be fooled by such nonsense. Never and no one will strike a nuclear strike in Russia. Why, if they themselves want to live on our land?

I believe that the navigator would not write about things serious. So, the cabotage ...

"was poorer than the Russian poor" - did I understand correctly the interlacing of Mr. SV, that this pattern is preserved at the beginning of the century 21? Tears the mind of fear, as if the ladys and gentleman from the islands did not begin to migrate massively to our limited spaces, pinching ourselves off from our rich pie.

Under the Mongol-Tatars 240 years formally, in fact, even less. Under the Romanovs 300 years, which is no less damaging ...

Do not these gentlemen understand that their islet will simply disappear in case of war or think they will have time to move to the continent, but Britain will not care any more.

If you read Jack London, it turns out that the English poor at the beginning of the 20 century was poorer than the Russian poor. Such exploitation of our own people, not to mention other countries, shows how greedy their class of haves is. And now he is becoming a fool and threatening Russia.

The Communists not only the Army, but the entire state were disorganized ... to put it mildly .....

Speaking right. Comrade STALIN in due time correctly communicated with natives.

Well, the code from this country will be one pit? England is a country that lives on the blood of other peoples from generation to generation.

People who do not have shame or conscience for a long time, there is always only such a nasty reaction to people about us, people who have long spat in their direction. Bastards are over, that's all there is to it.

None of our "leaders" will give a command to bomb and missile launchers! Not for this they buy real estate in these Aggressive countries and send their children there. Yes, and they rest there. They simply will salt their people for themselves.

And whether this time will be in the UK, the United States and their hangers-on - that's the question!

We are not yet fully prepared for such a confrontation, if the fucking liberals from democracy did not disband our army and navy for the 20 years they were in power, then there would not have been so much time, money and tremendous efforts to restore and a profound modernization of our army, aviation and navy.

All they have is havchik, fuel, and all worldly joys. The only thing missing is absolute power. For this, servants of the devils gnaw through.

I agree. but even so Russia can not live, it also can not, someone who should break the neck, about communism is certainly a utopia, it is contrary to nature, but a healthy socialism-an example of China which for 30 years became a world power using the contradictions of capitalism is the indicator! Viability of socialism.And we prosrali as always, after 60 years the country fell into a stupor and is still there and judging by the history of Russia until a large krovushka not spill it from it will not work. and this is probably a healthy process, only with whom we will go into it, now the existing elite for a long time the country and the people betrayed-how before it betrayed their homeland where they were born and grew up-a new elite was not born, therefore, a dead end, now that RUSSIA WILL START its position even doubts does not cause, even a little on pizhitytsya-poputinitsya and will go all hand over, WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO under the BATTLE OF 300 YEARS WERE and not what survived.

small Britain continues to shit on a large ...

Dear Hello. Any war is scary. The first to die are children, for them there are not enough means of protection. And to see and know that your child is dead is scary. My son died at three months of illness but still I do not want anyone even to the British and other wishing to fight

I would also like to add. All the planetary economy is spinning for Russian resources as mental - the climate contributes to deep 24-hour thinking, and physical. Neither Europe nor China has the resources from the United States. It's enough just not to sell and they will turn into hungry Aborigines! I think the only thing that stops our Tsar from such an act is that it's real with starvation that everyone will trample on our garden! Hunger is not a woman and there really will have to shoot the poor fellow!

I think it's time to stop this shit! Disconnect gas, oil, raw materials! Neither a gram of priceless resources can be expected, cattle! Let them die if their dogs can not hold! And it is unnecessary to fight, and if they climb through (fence) to shoot like jackals on all fronts from Chukotka and Kaliningrad. I will not spare my life and four brothers for a split second, so that the cattle will be washed from the promised land. My grandfather took Berlin, and we will take the world into reliable Russian hands!

Yes, what court !? They have everything there is captured with all the Hague agreements to be friends against Russia. Unite all those who are offended by the West and the United States in particular!

And you understand that in order to give comments, you need at least to understand the question ... At least in the fact that Britain and England are one and the same ... Blatant illiteracy, and there too

If it is used as an adjective, then with a small one.

So, I take out a notebook and write down: Britain, a preemptive nuclear strike. Free time only on Monday 11.30 I'll do. Your order is accepted.

Great Britain has always been world shit.
Always carrying nonsense and nonsense.
Always played the responsibility of the allies, and always betrayed them.
The only superfluous country in the world is England. And the faster this country will not be the faster all will live better.

And I would press ... Because it is clear: as long as there is an American military threat - the world will not live peacefully! And this threat, only grows and will grow. Therefore, the state international terrorist No. 1, and the evil empire - us, MUST be neutralized, in ANY way! How much more will we tolerate humiliation from them, and aggression ?! They set against us German fascism, which they themselves created and financed ... now they are preparing a dock against us ... USA is already fighting war against us, to complete our destruction, so WHAT are we slowing down ?! Moreover, our missiles will pass through their missile defense, as through oil! And our missile defense and air defense, the best in the world!

How is it known about developments in the USSR? Where to read about this?

That's what happens with sulfur, if they do not break off the pores in time! ..

And what to expect - let's right now the whole world in the rubble!

and who does not press the button, will you take the way out to the side and push it?

Nuclear strike in the UK, it's a matter of time))))))))))

Two men sit in the sartir and frighten each other with a grenade. "I'll pull out the check!" "And I'll pull it out first"

English-cowards and pederasts by definition, it is enough to look at Boris the Red gay.
They are weak even to discuss the war, and we will all poheru - nezhili well and do not, the whole world vtruhu, but pendosam will not flow ...

dreaming is not harmful, but it would not hurt to think about yourself ... All of them-amerikosov, British and others like them and does not become and the rest of the earth even about them and will not remember

dreaming is not harmful, but it would not hurt to think about yourself ... All of them-amerikosov, British and others like them and does not become and the rest of the earth even about them and will not remember

podpindosnikam probably wanted the next war to end in London, it's painful they are bold behind the American back

Well, to write amerikosy can do anything. In Syria, they fought very successfully, and the Russians came and Th? Tails tightened and ran.

Perfect answer, Yuri! )

".... there are secret aerospace hypersonic, invisible to radar, aircraft like TR-3B ...." If they are so secret - how do you know about them ?!

No, friends, not so necessary. It is necessary that the US know that the first blow will be in the USA, regardless of who they want to shove us. They want to give us somebody from European countries and watch and laugh from overseas. They should know that we will first beat the United States, and then just "scold" their six. If we put the problem just like this, there will be no sanctions, etc. You can not be cowards without end, our fathers and grandfathers put their lives when it was not necessary for the sake of cowardly children, who are continually waving to the west. We have nothing to lose. We must show ourselves. No need to be smart, if I fight someone, I do not think about the consequences, I'm doing everything so that I will win. In the end, do not forget that we are men. Enough to be clever, or we will be peasants or all life we ​​will be under the sanctions of any shvali. What will our children tell us, our grandchildren? Guys, we are not gays from the west, it's time to show who we are. While we behave like this, we will be mocked. It's low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People you understand that all this bestolku? You do not understand what will happen if "YaV" (Nuclear War) comes on. Yes, you say let's destroy Great Britain, England ... Look, allegedly the United Kingdom launched a missile on us, maybe it hit Russia, then we'll release our own, some will get some not, even if we destroy the UK then England, but you think that other countries that align with these countries but these countries allied with others and others with others, do you understand? This will be a large-scale nuclear war in the history of mankind. We'll just ditch ourselves. And from this no one will be better off. You think yes, well, Russia can, it will win. Yes, no one here will not win and all will die of radiation, if there remains at least a piece of living space on planet Earth. Now that I wrote some people might think that this is all nonsense, but you yourself then explain what will happen if it starts? And then you sit at home lying on the couch and bear complete nonsense, for example: "Destroy the UK" "Russia will win" "Russia is the most powerful" If Russia is more powerful than all the ducks go and protect the Motherland ...

And what else could you expect from a petty skeleton state, once a great empire. The Englishwoman only remains and remains, that to crap, yes to bark on an elephant

On the part of Poland, they still need to take off. They will not have time to rise up to the point of cloud cover, as they will already meet them.

We have nothing to lose except our lives. But zazhravshimsya British with their villas and cropped lawns should think about, and whether it is necessary to threaten a great neighbor on the planet?

Torgash is a merchant, your comment reveals your essence. In the war, trillions and traders do not triumph, and nations are warriors. Alas, you do not understand this.

Hello dear! Or maybe it's time for such statements to be brought to justice through international courts. My hands have itch for a long time, the desire is huge. But there is little knowledge, and with money, I'm a pensioner, so I can only here. And Theresa May asks for a dock

It turns out interesting. England and others in Europe want to destroy Russia, it will be a mutual. and who will occupy the territory of Russia? So zagrebushchie hands of America through XNUMxec in Russia will be. That's who benefits. They all just need to leave a billion on earth, and in any way

Dear, you have with physics how? "2" or the maximum "3", and then only because the teacher relented before the blunt teacher. The aerodynamics of the sphere under atmospheric conditions will not allow this aircraft to move at speeds of 30-50 km / s. It just flattened the air at this speed ... Question, are you an idiot?

3000km ?! I think you overdid it!

Maybe it's enough to swallow already? It's time to show your teeth. The British fucking threatens? 2-3 missiles are enough for you, duriki!

By the way, on the day of the Airborne Forces the most powerful army in the world

..... fly in space to any height, 3000 km and above, with speeds of 30 -50 km per second ..... Throw the chew guano skunk, otherwise you'll fly with the speed of falling bread from under its tail ....

Enough to be a generous soul to Russia, it's time for us to speak your self and convincingly.

For information stupid "patriots." You are engaged in hat-making Our defense forces are not strong enough against the US and the EU. These enemies spend almost 1 annually a trillion dollars on weapons and the development of high-tech military technologies. "The US missile defense provides an opportunity for a sudden nuclear strike against Russia, Lieutenant General Viktor Poznihir, First Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Headquarters of the Russian Armed Forces, said at a briefing." “American missile defense systems can shoot down intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) launched by Russia 2,5 minutes after they are launched - namely, at the 150 second of the flight. This was said on Wednesday by the head of the Central Research Institute of Aerospace Defense Troops of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Yagolnikov. "... ... For some reason, the military does not say: what equipment in the US missile defense can shoot all our missiles over the territory of the Russian Federation, shy! The United States has secret aerospace hypersonic, invisible to radar, aircraft such as TR-3B. Its modifications "horseshoe-shaped and spherical aircraft can fly in space at any altitude, 3000 km and higher, with speeds of 30 -50 km per second. Question. Will our planes or missiles be able to catch these American aircraft? And to escape from them? These devices In fact, there are hundreds of video evidence. These technologies were invented in the USSR! Why do not our top bureaucrats introduce them?

Capitalism is a competition whose degenerate form is a war to destroy civilization. Long live Socialism - the hope of preserving peace and life on earth. The other is not given to mankind, whose guiding star is Communism as the infinity of the universe.

I also support the end of the game

You must have mistook Roosevelt and Churchill. Truman became president of the United States after Roosevelt's death. Learn the history.

Urgently destroy the UK.

It's time to move the nuclear test site from Novaya Zemlya closer to the British Isles

for England (which it is Great Britain, it's a dwarf on the territory) it will take several small bombs to get underwater. chengo they are shivering there. laughter to the chickens.

For the UK, only four not the largest bombs - London, Liverpool, Glasgow and some Edinburgh. The entire complex English urban system will be paralyzed.

If Britain calculated the beginning of a nuclear strike across Russia, then this is the beginning-end of the enlightened-stupid Britain.

No, they are right, we really are an aggressor country and that's right, we have a cobalt bomb, a very strong stick against these "strong" American boys, the explosion of which turns the planet into flying chips, so we will never die without everything " civilized world, "as our president says" We do not need a world without Russia "