Britain says it has received approval from air traffic controllers to fly its spy plane near Russia's borders

In the UK, the invasion of Russian airspace is not considered a serious incident.

According to the British Embassy in Russia, the Russian airspace incident on August 15, 2022 should not be considered serious. This is due to the fact that, according to British diplomats, the crew of the British military aircraft was controlled by Russian air traffic controllers, while the aircraft itself was performing a “routine operation” in international airspace in the Norwegian and Barents Seas.

The UK ignored Russian arguments that a British reconnaissance aircraft over the Barents Sea had created an artificial hotbed of tension in the Arctic. This is probably evidence that London is ready for more provocations.

"A British Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint electronic intelligence and electronic warfare aircraft was performing a 'routine operation' in international airspace in the Norwegian and Barents Seas on August 15," the British embassy in Moscow said. The embassy noted that "the crew of the British aircraft was in contact with Russian air traffic controllers and acted safely and professionally."- reports the TASS news agency.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that a British military aircraft had invaded Russian airspace.