Great Britain announced Russia's "last warning" in the Arctic

Great Britain decided to start threatening Russia in the Arctic.

The aggressive policy of Great Britain towards Russia led to the fact that this country began to threaten Russia altogether, stating that it sent a warning in the form of an underwater submarine to the territorial waters of the Russian Federation. According to the British military command, the appearance of a submarine and warships near the borders of Russia in the Arctic is a serious message to Moscow.

“Britain’s participation in these major NATO exercises has become the most significant in recent years - two anti-submarine frigates, an anti-submarine submarine and the new P-8 Poseidon patrol aircraft <...> Great Britain is increasing its role in this key part of the world”- reports the Daily Express.

Nevertheless, experts call the warning of the British military ridiculous, comparing the appearance of only two ships and one submarine off the coast of Russia with an ordinary cruise.

“Does the UK really believe that a certain submarine, almost decommissioned for scrap (was supposed to be disposed of in 2019 - approx. Ed.), And two frigates pose a threat to Russia in its territorial waters? London, obviously, should be reminded that the Arctic is one of the key outposts of Russia, where the most advanced means of defense are located, not to mention the fact that the Russian military controls the approach of foreign ships to their borders hundreds of kilometers away. ”, - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that this is not the first loud warning from the UK, in particular, the former prime minister of the kingdom stated that he was ready to throw all his fighters into the battle against Russian aviation, the number of which is several times less than what is in service Of Russia.

Well this is ... They will not warn anymore, they have realized everything and it’s kind of a joke ...

Johnny English perfectly propelled the British nuclear submarines ...

I have only one question, warning about what?

Pampers nowhere to go, you need to send a package to the Queen on behalf of the Northern Fleet

These pirates with about. Great Britain time to bring down their former arrogance.

The last warning ... And it will be yesterday!

Britain still considers itself a great maritime power. It is time to take a sober look at the capabilities of your fleet and stop puffing out your cheeks. In Soviet times, the British submarine fleet was nothing serious, and now even more so.

It’s good that the last warning. They feel how the unreasonable arrogance and threats of Russia can end for Great Britain.

It’s good that the last warning. I do not like it when they repeat a lot. )))