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Venezuela without warning refused to buy Russian cruise missiles, opting for Chinese C-802A

Venezuela refused to even consider buying Russian cruise missiles, opting for Chinese ones.

The military from Venezuela refused to consider the possibility of acquiring Russian cruise anti-ship missiles for the needs of the country's air force, ultimately choosing Chinese weapons. According to media reports, Caracas did not even offer Russia cooperation in this area, immediately turning to China for the acquisition of C-802A missiles, although the latter are a copy of Russian weapons.

According to available data, Venezuela intends to equip its warships with the purchased missiles.

“Venezuela has announced that it has received from China the C-802A tactical medium-range anti-ship missiles (export name YJ-82) developed by the China Electro-Mechanical Technology Academy (CHETA) and installed on the Avante 2000 corvettes. Four of these ships were under construction. Spain from 2008 to 2011 and entered the Venezuelan Navy in 2011-2012 ", - the "Telegram" -channel "Military informant" informs about it.

At the moment, the fact remains unknown why the traditionally Russian partner in the field of armaments turned to China for the purchase of missiles, while no official statements were made by Russia on this score.

Rockets from Aliexpress :)

China is investing a lot of money in the Venezuelan economy. It is a major trading partner.
Therefore, it was only natural that Venezuela would choose them.
And in general, we must be prepared that where we want to go, China has already firmly settled there.

This is where they've come to transfer technology to China and see how they trade fakes of our weapons with our allies.

I don't know how to comment, which is unknown. I can assume that the main motive is financial difficulties.

most likely, the Chinese are simply cheaper and there is a rumor that this is a copy of the Russian missiles of the MOSKIT type

Probably Russia broke the price exorbitant ...

The main thing is that our Ministry of Defense should acquire Russian weapons, not imported ones. Our weapons are far from the cheapest. Many are more interested in price than quality.

And so often whom we help, they turn to others. Why?