Venezuela intends to abandon the operation of Russian Su-30

65% of the Russian Su-30s in service with the Venezuelan Air Force are out of order.

The information resource learned that only 8 Su-30 fighters, out of 22 previously purchased from Russia, remained in service with the Venezuelan Air Force. According to a number of data, the reason for the impossibility of operating fighters is various technical malfunctions, which may force the official Caracas to abandon the operation of these combat aircraft.

According to the information provided by the source, at the moment Russian military specialists do not have the opportunity to repair Su-30 fighters directly on the spot, however, the Venezuelan military also does not have the opportunity to overhaul these combat aircraft or purchase new fighters.

Judging by the information provided by the Latin American media, Venezuela intended to maintain only a part of the Su-30 fighters in good technical condition, while the rest of the combat aircraft could begin to be used as donors.

It is known that at the beginning of 2020, the Venezuelan Air Force was armed with 11 technically serviceable Su-30 combat aircraft, which obviously indicates the fact that at the moment the number of such aircraft has decreased by three more combat units in just a year.

Venezuela did not pay for the planned replacement of components and assemblies ... here are the consequences ...

It's simple, the operational resource of components and assemblies came out, and Venezuela did not pay for new ones ...

Strategist! Doesn't it puff up with ideas?

Papuans cannot cope with the technique

Bullshit most likely

Vladimir, this is just a simple sabotage

Our specialists urgently need to deal with the reasons for the malfunction of the Venezuelan SU-30s, and take measures to prevent them, because this is the image of the country and its military equipment, and it will also provide experience in the restoration of aircraft in the field.

It's strange if it's true. But the Indians have been flying about them for a long time and do not complain.

Sushki Kazakh)

"Venezuela intended to support" - well, for sure on the website the Day of Dushmans ....



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