Venezuela sent troops to the Essequibo region

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the mobilization of troops and the annexation of the Essequibo region, which is the de facto territory of Guyana. This was reported by the Spanish publication El Pais.

Maduro has already appointed a temporary head of this region, Major General and deputy of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela Alexis Rodriguez Cabello. Earlier, the Venezuelan leader showed a map in which the territory of Essequibo is included in Venezuela, designating the country's new 24th state as "Guyana-Essequibo."

“The President has sent a military contingent to Puerto Barima, in the state of Delta Amacuro, on the Atlantic border of Venezuela, very close to the borders of the 160 square kilometer jungle territory claimed and de facto administered by Guyana.”, reports El Pais.

This statement has caused a wave of debate and international reactions as it relates to the controversial issue of territorial ownership of the Essequibo region. Venezuela and Guyana have been in a diplomatic dispute over this issue for a long time.


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