downed aircraft


Venezuela shot down an American plane with mercenaries, violating the country's border

Venezuelan Air Force demonstratively shot down an American plane that violated the country's border.

The Venezuelan Air Force Su-30 fighter intercepted, escorted for a long time, and after several requests attacked an American aircraft, knocking it away from settlements.

In the photographs presented, published by the Venezuelan Air Force command, it can be seen that the Su-30 fighter successfully dealt with the American border violator, preventing his illegal presence in the country's airspace.

The registration number of the shot-down side speaks about the belonging of the shot down US plane, while there is evidence that the plane could have contained American mercenaries who had previously attempted to seize power in the country. Among other things, it also became clear that there were weapons and drugs on board, however, where the downed plane flew from is still unknown.

The American side has not yet commented on the incident, however, experts suggest that this has become indicative of the United States, especially against the backdrop of the American escalation of the situation in the region and Washington's failed attempt to overthrow power in the Bolivarian Republic.